oana vasiliuDays ago, I was on Linkedin, in Media Diplomat group, and someone asked the members:

Looking For Exciting Interview Questions for Staff Writers

I work for an online China business news website (in English, based in Shanghai) and am about to conduct a round of interviews for some entry level staff writers. I’ve prepared a list of standard questions and also tried to devise some specific ones relating to what we do.

I would really love to hear your thoughts on what kind of interesting or different questions you ask or would ask interviewees. Related to online media and social media would be great, but anything outside the “box” is very much welcome too.

I look forward to your inspiring ideas!

I find some interesting answers so I post them here.

You may have seen this already but here is a list of ‘outside the box’ questions asked to potential recruits for some very well known companies.

“Tell me about your life from Kindergarten onwards.” (Merrill Lynch internship)

“If you could describe Hershey, Godiva and Dove chocolate as people, how would you describe them?” (Lubin Lawrence consulting internship)

“Sell me an invisible pen.” (Procter & Gamble internship)

“Twenty-five racehorses, no stopwatch, five tracks. Figure out the top three fastest horses in the fewest number of races.” (Facebook Inc. summer software-engineering internship)

“How many cocktail umbrellas are there in a given time in the United States?” (Gryphon Scientific science consulting internship)

What would you answer ?

Better tomorrow,

PR Pret-a-Porter.