Lego has launched a social media platform for fans where they can share and discuss their love of the brand.

The site, called ReBrick, is a hub for bookmarks to other sites that host user-created content about Lego.

ReBrick also acts as a discussion forum for links posted by users, who must be aged over 13.

A bookmark widget can be installed on your browser so content can easily be posted to the site, and links can also be shared through Facebook and Twitter to generate more discussion.

ReBrick is also free of advertising and Lego says it will “never be used to market Lego products so you won’t see campaigns, adverts or advertorials.”

So with ReBrick Lego is really just providing a giant directory of links to brand-related content that will be a useful tool for fans, but will also help Lego staff monitor web activity. If it wants it be anything more than that, it will need to work on engaging with fans and encouraging them to contribute.

I already made an account. You ?

Source: Econsultancy

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