Volkswagen provokes South Africa with the Volkswagen ‘Street Quest’ advergame… It’s a Facebook challenge to find and ‘Pin’ as many Volkswagens on South African roads as possible, using a gamified, custom version of Google Street View.

The campaign is running over a 4 week period, where the people who can pin the most Volkswagen’s, will earn a seat at the grand final, which will be a real-life version of the Street Quest. Very cool work from the guys at Ogilvy Cape Town.

Street Quest

The game uses Facebook as a platform through which players navigate Street View to find and ‘pin’ as many Volkswagen vehicles as they can from all over South Africa. By pinning the vehicles, players increase their points and win weekly prizes from Apple as well as a chance to play in the Grand Final. This event takes place in Cape Town and sees the four weekly winners take to the streets to ‘pin’ Volkswagens in a live playoff armed with a camera, a full tank of petrol and a film crew.

In existence since May 2007, Street View is a feature of Google Maps that allows people to explore the world through 360-degree high-definition street-level photographs. As a result of this level of detail, Street View lends itself perfectly to creating a truly immersive gaming experience.

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