Un prieten drag mi-a povestit despre un email pe care l-a primit de la The Book Depository. Personal, cred ca este una dintre cele mai interesante si creative campanii de email marketing.

E-mailul de la The Book Depository suna asa:

Hello book lover,

Where have you been? I’ve really, really missed you!

What happened? Did I do something wrong?

I’ve missed you since you stopped shopping with us, and I don’t even know why you went. If it was something I did, I’m sorry. I hope the wounds have healed after all this time.

Actually, I’m so upset about not having heard from you that I’ve written you a poem. It’s not great but it does come straight from the heart!

So, if you use this voucher on your next purchase with us, we will give you 10% off! And, yes, that’s a 10% reduction on top of our existing great prices with free worldwide delivery…

Si in incheiere, o poezie, dedicata tot tie, cititorului care ai uitat sa mai cumperi carti:

In former days with us you shopped,
but something happened and
we’ve been dropped.
What did we do, what did we say,
what was it made you go away!?

We’re oh so sad, but shall not rest
till you come back to our bookish nest.
What can we do, what can we say,
to win you back and make you stay?

In former days with us you shopped,
but something happened and
we were dropped.
To get you back, we thought: a gesture!
So how’s about a money-off voucher?

We know our poems are not so hot,
but rhymes and puns aren’t all we’ve got.
Our offer is genuine, the price reduction true,
So, please come back — we really miss you!