A nice gentleman offered to help me with the luggage in Brussels train station. For 30 minutes, we enjoyed conversation about classical topics: how did I find Brussels, what I’m doing for a living, how is Romania, what about the economy and so on. When we’ve arrived to the airport, he asked me to take a coffee together after the check-in, mentioning that he likes me.

So what’s with this “I like someone” thing?

Well, it’s truly bullshit. I’m usually nice to people, always smiling and most of the time talking. After 30 minutes of conversation with me, you don’t ask me for a date. Not in an international airport, telling me that it is not mandatory to follow your flight because you could actually afford to buy a last minute ticket to Bucharest, just to continue our interesting conversation. It started with a “Do you need help ? You’re too pretty to manage by yourself this big luggage.”

Days ago, I was waiting for someone in a waffle store. The waffle boy noticed that I was paying attention to him (because I have never seen how a waffle is made) and offered me another one for free, although I’ve insisted to pay for it. When I was eating it, he made some sexual remarks about the creamy waffle that he gave me. It ended with an “I really like you, please come again tomorrow.”

I met someone online, in some emails exchanging about a project that is now functioning. He made fun of me and I had an immediate reaction, which lead us to a kind of relationship. It turned up to be a big mistake that lasted a month. He was already in a long term relationship, sharing the same apartment with his girlfriend, the official one. It started with “Although we are different, I REALLY like you”.

Another interesting character found was the “I like you, but I don’t have time for you” type. Sex dates are more than welcomed, but not for a sleep over. And not too often.

I even discovered the wannabe entrepreneur type, who works 15 hours per day for his own business, pretending that an one hour meeting is not possible for the next month. Of course, he liked/likes me, too. Later I found out that trying to date online is his thing. Two friends of mine already been there. (What a small, small world)

I actually enjoyed conversations with the family guy type. Awesome man, but we were on different continents. Literally. And yes, is Romanian.

Mamma-boy type is on my list, too. Plenty of examples that made me realized how crazy some people can be. Although they liked me, mothers don’t. End of story.

I used to date someone without a penny in his pocket. Bit frustrated for me not to know how to handle the going out situation, we last saw each other when he named his ex-girlfriend “my honey”.

The artist type was tested, too. The keywords were fun and unexpected. So unexpected, that it went away with a big disappointment from my side, some crying and some friends lost.

And there are my Platonic loves. I have had two so far. One is the too female friendly style, who fascinates girls with only a smile. At first, I couldn’t stand him. Then, we met somewhere in West Europe and we became great good friends since that meeting. Everything I hate of a man is somehow part of his personality. The other one is the arrogant, but incredible smart type. I consider him a gift from the divinity. Whenever I need a piece of advice, professional or personal one, he is there, very objective with his opinions.

Until I will figure out how to stop being nice and how to move from the easy-way stupid conversation with “I like you”, I’m gonna invest time only for me and my pleasures. Men are officially off the list.

And by the way, did I miss some type ?

P.s.: I’m not that bitchy, I actually have feelings and I can melt. Now I have a crush on someone I recently met and probably I will not see ever again. It will soon pass away, hopefully.