Just an updated version of 2014.

First friend lost forever.

First major change in my career.

First grant taken.

365 days of storytelling.

365 days of being a redhead.

365 days of wearing daddy’s watch.

365 days of missing both of you.

Some days of absolute joy.

Some days of smiles. My smiles.

Some days of good deeds.

Some days of pure reading.

Some days of sadness.

Some days of “when was the last time when you did something for the first time”.

Some days of being incredible proud of me.

Some days of my own wisdom.

Some days of being a drama queen.

Some days of travelling back in childhood.

Some days without internet connection.

Some days of confronting the past.

Some sunny days.

Some rainy days.

Some stupid mistakes.

Some nights.

Some lessons learnt.

Some dreams that came true.

Some disappointments.

Some heals what are still opened.

Some film festivals.

Some books that must be read again.

Some international recognition of my work.